Cyber-Savvy Estonia to Open World’s First Virtual Data Embassy

In today’s world keeping up the pace with advancing technology is something very mandatory for each country. For this purpose, governments across the globe are trying their best to win this race and mainly to provide their people with best and latest technologies. Estonia – a small country in Northern Europe, bordering with the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland has recently introduced many amazing technologically advanced initiatives. Recently, it has announced to establish world’s first virtual data embassy. Cyber-Savvy Estonia to Open World’s First Virtual Data Embassy in Luxembourg early next year.

Cyber-Savvy Estonia to Open World’s First Virtual Data Embassy

This first-ever server room will contain the crucial Estonian’s e-government data. The fundamental purpose behind the establishment of this data center is that “NATO” and euro-zone members can easily access it even when the systems are down at home.

The Estonian PM Juri Ratas said that:

“Data security and cyber security are generally crucial from the perspective of both people’s confidence and the functioning of services. It is also an important part of so-called daily digital hygiene in increasingly digitizing societies.”

The PM added that:

“This is the first data embassy in the world whose small country of just 1.3 million people has been dubbed E-stonia for being a trailblazer in technology.”

Estonia, after Soviet rule, has wonderfully opted many hi-tech initiatives for the betterment of its people.

Estonia stands among the most connected countries in the world and has introduced e-voting system back in 2005.

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Economics & Communication, Emilie Toomela said that:

“The virtual data embassy’s main goal is to guarantee the country’s digital continuity: the capacity to start the systems when necessary and retrieve data from externally stored versions.”

With the establishment of this first-ever virtual data lab, Estonia will be able to protect its e-Governance data.

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