Following Meet, Google to Integrate Chat into Gmail Apps

Last month, Google announced that it is planning to add a Google Meet tab in the Android and iOS version of Gmail. And now, the recent report says that Google is working on bringing Chat to Gmail for Android and iOS. So the latest report is suggesting that the tech giant will integrate the chat into the Gmail mobile app. This new development was spotted in the code for the latest Gmail app that shows the onboarding strings for Chat and Rooms.

Google to Integrate Chat into Gmail Apps

<string name=”chat_onboarding_consumer_title”>Chat one-on-one</string>

<string name=”chat_onboarding_consumer_description”>For ongoing conversations and quick replies, chat with your contacts</string>

<string name=”chat_onboarding_enterprise_title”>Chat about it</string>

<string name=”chat_onboarding_enterprise_description”>For quick replies, connect with anyone you work with over chat</string>


<string name=”rooms_onboarding_consumer_title”>Share and plan together</string>

<string name=”rooms_onboarding_consumer_description”>Bring together who matters and stay organized with mark unread, shared files, and more</string>

<string name=”rooms_onboarding_enterprise_title”>Take groupwork to the next level</string>

<string name=”rooms_onboarding_enterprise_description”>Keep projects organized and on track with shared chat, files, and tasks</string>

‘Chat’ is for one-to-one conversations and ‘Rooms’ is said to be for group collaborations. Both consumer and enterprise accounts are coming with their own introductory prompts ( that if the user wants to use a consumer account or an enterprise account). The latest report is suggesting that this integration will be available for all Gmail app users. But it does not state a timeline for Chat integration.

Furthermore, “what’s new in Gmail” directly advertises how “There are more ways for you to connect and collaborate without switching apps.” Which is suggesting that users can operate multiple Gmail products from one platform.

The consumer strings in the above code suggest that, sooner or later, Google will bring a free version of Chat to free accounts. The latest report also shows strings of code for Meet in the Gmail app for Android.

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