Food Bots At Your Service!

Artificial Intelligence Levels Up

We have all experienced the excellence of ChatBots such as Siri and Google Assistant but now here come something people in Pakistan haven’t experienced as yet, but they may anytime soon. We are proud to introduce our very own: Food Bots At Your Service!

In here, get to know What are Food Bots? How Do Food Bots Work? How Can Food Bots Serve Us? What can be the future of the food industry with Food Bots?

Food Bots At Your Service!
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What Are Food Bots And How Do They Work?

Food Bots like ChatBots and any other kind of bots are robots that work on the principals of Artificial Intelligence to serve us well. Which means that they are chips and metal which is able to receive and interpret information, then construct and deliver an action accordingly.

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How Can Food Bots Serve Us?

Food Bots are serving us in vital fields today. From order taking to drive-thrus, waitressing to delivering food and even preparing food all by themselves!

Food Bots help entertain awaiting customers by initiating a full conversation with them and are capable of remembering faces. Like, this little fellow named Sota which is developed by Plenty USA to cater to awaiting customers while their food is being prepared.

Food Bots At Your Service!
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Food Bots are also into preparing food. They tend to make various coffee blends at cafes, can make pizzas at restaurants and can even decorative cakes in bakeries!

Food Bots At Your Service!
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Have a look at this Pizza making bot at Zume, it can prepare around 370 pizzas an hour.

Food Bots At Your Service!
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And this coffee making machine at Cafe X which is capable of making 2 cups at a time.

Food Bots At Your Service!
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What May Be The Future Of The Food Industry With Food Bots?

Can you imagine the impact these food bots will have on the gross profit of the food industry? Bots with their 100% efficiency and at least 10 times the speed of a human will blow the industry to an exalted level of prosperity and guess what? they work for free! Only a one-time investment.

Food Bots are the right medium to keep up with our pacing lives. They will reduce delivery time drastically, minimize room for errors, be an additional attraction and entertainment, will promote self-service and as they take no stress and cannot panic so they will work with the same efficiency in peak hours which means no bad work days!

What I believe is that a time is near when a no-human restaurant or at least a cafe may be introduced. And as much as I am excited about it I fear more, for it may come.

What will the humans do with bots replacing them all over? Help maintain their replacements? or serve as an unwanted check on them? Bots replacing humans is one alarming situation which shouldn’t be happening. In my point of view, AI and bots should only be used for tasks humans are incapable of performing or else we will end up getting ruled by our own creations!

Aiza Riaz Butt

I am a proud Pakistani and an ambitious student who is determined to become a socio-religious revolutionist in the long-run. My relation with the world of technology is not only interest-based but it is our family business and that gives me a double affiliation with it. Hope my words provide you with blessed knowledge. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries.
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