How To Start A Food Business?

A Complete Guide

Pakistan is known for its food. The food culture here is not only very rich but also very dynamic and vast. Food business may prove to be one of the best in Pakistan no matter what the circumstances are. So, on high demand, I decided to present a complete, detailed code to initial a food business, maintain it, tips and tricks.

In here, you will find answers to How to initiate a food business in Pakistan? What do you need to start a restaurant in Pakistan? How to make your food business successful in Pakistan? Tips for a food business. How to advertise your food business? How to lower cost for a food business?

The food business I am going to establish here is a bigger scale business but if you want to start it from a lower level you can cut down a few options from your menu or lower the standard of the atmosphere a little. Let’s get started!

How to initiate a food business in Pakistan?

This is going to be your homework. The work you have to cater to before presenting your food brand publically.

  • Menu
    Pre-decide what you are going to offer at your restaurant, the entire menu including the prices. This you have to do keeping in mind the class of people you are to target and the place where your restaurant is to be situated.
  • Hunt For Chefs
    Depending upon what you are offering, you have to hire chefs or at least find and negotiate with at least 2 to 3 or 1 head chef and his team before deciding anything else. I suggest you give fresh graduates from COTHM or SCAFA or other culinary schools a chance in the supervision of an experienced chef. This will also help reduce your cost.
  • Place
    The place of your restaurant matters a lot because it determines your customers. Opening a dhaba in an elite area and opening a 5-star restaurant in a backword area won’t work at all. So, get a suitable place according to your menu and prices on rent, lease or purchase it.
  • Brand Name And Registration
    Think of an aesthetic name for your restaurant and get it registered!Now you are all ready for the next step.

What do you need to start a restaurant in Pakistan?

Here is a checklist for all the things that you need to start a food business:

  • Registered Name
  • Place
  • Decor
  • Crockery
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Menu
  • Chefs
  • Waiters
  • Manager
  • Advertisement

You do know that you need investment for all of this right?

How to advertise your food business?

You are familiar with the traditional advertisement modes i.e: billboards, tv advertisements, brochures, flyers etc. Then you would probably know that they are all very costly. Here is a not soo costly advertisement medium to promote your food business: Bloggers!

If you are looking for cheap advertisement methods for your business, bloggers are the key to it. All you have to do is to hunt for top Instagram or facebook bloggers, invite them over, feed them your best for free and demand a shoutout in return! You successfully reached a thousand people with the cost of a one time meal which is nothing at all. It is as if free advertisement.

Tips For Food Business In Pakistan


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