Food Delivery via Drones to Soon Start in Islamabad

With rapid advancements in drone technology, it is being used in many segments of society. Have you ever wondered about a small flying machine delivering food in your footsteps? Well, this is going to become a reality for the residents of Islamabad as they are going to get food delivery via drones in the near future.

Food Delivery via Drones to Soon Start in Islamabad

The news was revealed by DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqat via his Twitter account. The new development will surely boost the food industry in Islamabad, and in due course, the whole country as well. As futuristic as it seems, big companies such as Alphabet, Amazon, and Uber have been operating on food delivery drones for quite some time now with the global food delivery market standing at $127 billion in 2021.

Using drones to deliver food in Islamabad.  Coming soon…,” the District Commissioner tweeted. 

However, the lack of details is a bit annoying, but the fact remains that it is a tantalizing reality that will get people engaged with the viable idea and thinking of ways in which it can be brought to fruition. 

It is natural that a number of questions will arise in the minds of the audience over the feasibility of implementing a system of drones for delivering food. First and foremost, are they going to substitute the food delivery riders entirely, or are we going towards some kind of hybrid concept? Can these drones will be able to sustain all kinds of weather and geographical conditions? 

Such types of queries will constitute a big chunk of the drone-powered food delivery arguments that will become prevalent in the future. 

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