Fortnite Brings ‘No Build Mode’ in the New Season

The building may appear to be an integral part of Fortnite’s identity, as inseparable from it as cross-promotions, yet it’s a turn-off for many gamers. The skill difference between those who wish to play the popular battle royale while dressed as Spider-Man and the sweatiest key-rebinding builders capable of instantly creating towers and fortresses can appear insurmountable. A ‘no build mode’ has been suggested numerous times, and Fortnite finally has one as part of Chapter 3 Season 2—at least for the time being.

The disappearance of buildings is explained in the recent story trailer, as expected from Fortnite.  The current bad guys, Doctor Slone of the Imagined Order, use technology to dematerialize all the buildings Fortnite players are using as defenses. Still, there’s no time to explain since Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and a half-dozen more characters emerge right away.

Fortnite Brings ‘No Build Mode’ in the New Season

While players can still build in competitive and arena playlists, as well as team rumble, creative islands, and Save the World (the original game), the building is disabled by default in Fortnite. Players receive an over shield on top of their standard shield and health, which will restore even if it is reduced to zero, to compensate for the wall construction. With increased speed and the addition of mantling, players will be able to parkour their way across the island rather than needing to construct their way across it. Doors may now be opened quickly by sliding into them or utilizing a new shoulder smash.

Repair torches have been added to vehicles, and vehicles can also be changed by throwing on cowcatchers, as players will be using them more to go around. New weapons, such as a combat SMG and a striker burst rifle, have been added, while 10 weapons from Chapter 3 Season 1 have been brought back, along with numerous unvalued guns.

The occupation of areas of interest by the Imagined Order, which will be protected by blimps and artillery and can be taken back in the name of the Resistance, represents the Imagined Order’s control of the island. What role does Doctor Strange play in all of this? After unlocking Tsuki 2.0, Gunnar, The Imagined, Kiara K.O., The Origin, and Erisa, he’s one of the characters you can unlock with the Chapter 3 Season 2 battle pass.

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