Fortnite For Android will not be Available on Google Play Store

Earlier we reported that Fortnite for Android will be available in this summer on Google Play Store. However, now the company has announced that the Android version of the game won’t be available through the Google Play Store. Instead, it will be distributed through the developer’s own website. The CEO Tim Sweeney of the company has confirmed this news.

Fortnite For Android will be available on Developer’s own Website

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The primary reason to take this action seems to be financial. Apple and Google take a 30% cut of every transaction that takes place on its store, whether it’s the initial purchase or the in-app purchases. In return, the developers get a platform to distribute its title, server allocation, promotion, easy accessibility and customers service.

According to the CEO of Epic Games, 70% cut does not cover the cost of developing, operating and supporting their game sufficiently. After making the game available on the website, Epic Games will be able to take home the entirety of all payments made through the game.

Despite this, Epic Games has seen a massive success. They made $15 million on iOS alone in the first three weeks of launch. However, Fortnite is completely free to play the game. Moreover, the only thing you can purchase are cosmetics that are completely optional and don’t affect your gameplay in any way. The game overall has raked in over a $1 billion from all platforms.

Moreover,  Epic Games have unveiled a Battle Royale competition with a large in-game cash prize for its latest game, Fortnite. The company named the competition, Fortnite World Cup. Further, the event will take place in 2019.

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