Fortnite Maker Acquires Group Houseparty App

Houseparty is a group video chat app which is now acquired by Fortnite maker Epic games. The gaming company has raised $1.25 billion, so the acquisition of the group video chat app is understandable.

The group video chat was founded in 2015, which delivers video chat across a number of different platforms, such as iOS, Android, and macOS.

Fortnite Maker Acquires Group Houseparty App

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said in a post announcing the news:

“Houseparty brings people together, creating positive social interactions in real time,”  “By teaming up, we can build even more fun, shared experiences than what could be achieved alone.”

App analytics firm Sensor Tower has reported that since launch, the Houseparty has been installed 35 million times on Android and iOS. However, the downloads of the app have been slowing, falling to 2.3 million. This social networking app supports up to eight people on a single video chat and is functioning on Android, iOS, macOS, and in Google Chrome.

Facebook also tried to acquire Houseparty with a clone app known as Bonfire, but it then dropped the idea in May and shut it down.

We all know that Fortnite is quite famous among people across the globe but it is not clear how popular this group video chat app actually is.

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