Fortnite’s new Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin has laid down battle royale

Fortnite is the famous video game creation by Epic Games which has three different game modes including Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite Creative. Among these Fortnite Battle Royale was liked by many and it became a real success with millions of players in less than a year. This game mode has been laid down for the Fornite’s upcoming new Chapter3 Season 3 Vibin.

The Cinematic trailer of the new chapter 3 shows rollercoaster, vibes, Darth Vader, an amusement park and a forest. This forest is called Reality Falls which shows magical youth players can plant and grow for enhanced money. These notable changes have been brought in the island to make it more attractive and Cathy. The island has also been given new locations where one can invest in more different ways for the loot.

The western edge of Fortnite’s island has Rave caves, Reality Falls, Tilted towers, crossroads and Chonker’s speedway. A new feature has been introduced in this season which is called “storm sickness”.

The games developer Epic explains the new feature in a unique way saying

“If you stay in the storm too long cumulatively in a match, you’ll develop storm sickness, an ailment that accelerates the storm’s decay of your health. But don’t worry: storm sickness never comes as a surprise — you’ll receive a warning if you’re close to getting it. And fortunately, the cure for storm sickness is simply exiting the storm. If you re-enter it, however, it’ll immediately affect you again.”

The game play trailer of the chapter 3 of season 3 named Vibin shows that this season is also bringing back the most liked vehicle, the Baller which looks like the big hamster ball. On one corner it has been squeezed a little bit and it moves very fast, can float in water and has more health. It has a battery that will die out after sometime. The Baller can move on the plain path and can also move on the rollercoaster. The player can ride the baller easily and fight with the rivals. The players can also ride on boars in this season and can jump on huge mushrooms to escape. The cars will fall from sky from which the players have to protect themselves.

There is a magical tree in the forest where all friends sit and dance and enjoy. There are also lightsabers that help the players take challenges and win. Vibin is a new battle pass to purchase and many characters will unlock. The highlight of this season is Darth Vader and a new toy Snap which can be customized by unlocking new add-ons. Later on, battle pass owners can also unlock Indiana Jones who is the most colorful character of the season.

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