Four Countries Use Hydrogen in Unique Ways

Hydrogen gas reduces carbon dioxide emissions and gives a “greener” alternative to fossil fuels like oil or natural gas. Hydrogen is created from water. Water is passed through an electrical current to separate hydrogen and oxygen and leave clean water as the only byproduct. There are four countries in the World they are using hydrogen in unique ways.

Four Countries Use Hydrogen in Unique Ways

However, hydrogen is a bulky gas and requires expensive specialist equipment that can be costly to maintain. Moreover, only a few people have experience of working with it.

  1. Germany:

Germany has introduced the World’s first hydrogen-powered trains. The engines emit only water and steam. It can run for 1000 km on one tank of hydrogen.

2. Scotland:

Scotland is planning to build the first hydrogen-powered seagoing ferries to connect the Orkney islands and help curb CO2 emissions.

3. Japan:

Japan wants to increase its 8 existing hydrogen refueling stations to 35 by 2020. So that motorists in Tokyo will only ever be 15 minutes away from a refueling point. It wants to create a greener society in time for the 2020 Olympics.

4. England:

England has unveiled a pioneering zero-emissions double-decker bus powered by hydrogen instead of diesel. London Mayor Sadiq Khan vows to clean up the capital’s toxic air.

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