France Launched Tech Visa Program for Startups

Emmanuerl Macron, New president of France wants to digitize his country and make it technology hub. Following this goal the french president has launched a new visa program attract international talent. Macron promise to make France digitally advance during his tenure. France Launched Tech Visa Program for Startups.

Macron addressed the Viva Tech conference in Paris where he revealed that government is making regulations to welcome foreign talent. He told that his aim is to draft such regulations which will help talents from different countries.

France Launched Tech Visa Program for Startups

French President plans to help and support startups with money. In this way he will be able to fulfill his dream of making France the country of unicorns.

Macron shared his views while speaking to CNBC:

“I want France to attract new entrepreneurs, new researchers, and be the nation for innovation and start-ups,”

The new visa program will let tech startup founders and investors to obtain a residence permit in France. This permit will be known as talent passport and will be valid for four years period. However it can be extended to immediate family members.

According to Macron, France do not provide room and conductive environment to new talents due to which they leave for other countries.

Macron Said:

“The bet of the future for us is to carry on educating our talents, taking our students to the highest levels of academic success. We must defend our educational model, we must help our students go further,” Macron said, adding that if they end up going to another country, “they must come back, because here is where the future lies.”

The France President Macron also invited European Venture Fund to support startups and their needs for Digital Single Market. Digital Single Market is a European Commission policy that harmonizes rules from streaming services to roaming charges.

Macron ensured that:

“I will ensure that we create a most attractive and creative environment, I will ensure that the state and government acts as a platform and not a constraint,”

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