Further Your Vision with OPPO RENO x Turkey

Inspired by the country’s picturesque landscapes and the dazzling colours of the mosaic filled with beautiful decorative art pieces, loops, hot air balloon, cityscapes, and desertscapes and inspiring monuments that speaks of great detail in every bit.

Further Your Vision with OPPO RENO x Turkey

OPPO’s latest innovation RENO with 10X hybrid zoom has been my companion throughout this journey to capture the scintillating pictures that will serve as a great throwback pictures in times to come.

So, wait no more. Scroll down further and you’ll be transported to this enchanting country through my experience of the stunning Turkey.

Canvas worth every detail

Commonly known as Cotton castle in Turkish was an  absolute delight that I could capture ensuring great details with the help of my newly launched OPPO’s RENO and it ensured that it looks no less than a flowing painting of an artist’s imagination.


 Further your Vision

While walking down the ruins of the super inspiring monument, I happen to test the 10 X Zoom capability of the Reno phone. And to my surprise I was blown away with the result. You should check out the picture above on the left is 1X and on the right is 10 X. Voila result is picture perfect!

 The Urban Reflection
Capturing the beautiful view of the street with my twist to this otherwise normal street made it look so much better. What’s worth mentioning is the details present in the reflection which otherwise is not that clear and the richness of colour produced by Reno series.

Art in Every Detail

Stylish and versatile, this is the perfect living room accessory for any corner of the house that will instantly boost a space with its own charm. Laser-cut to perfection and equipped with premium mechanics, it will keep you on-time for years to come!

Sunsets worth every moment

Isn’t this a view worth every penny? Haven’t we always spotted this kind of view in the big banner films and TV commercials? You know those photos of hundreds of hot air balloons, majestically floating over sunrise-lit rock formations? Yeah, that’s Cappadocia for you.

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Tunnel straight out of a Fictional Story books

Ever since I passed through this tunnel it left me amused with its ordinary design. The tunnel unfolds to a wide sunny lane in the forefront with cafes serving pastries and waffles.

Night Lit so Brilliantly

Experience this dazzling view that automatically has the power to change your vibe. Take a helicopter tour straight up and over the city and see the city aglow with light.  The city has its own special mood at night. Bridges and grounds backlit, street lamps and car lights leading out into the surrounding hills and valleys.

This brings to an end of the scintillating experience of Turkey and it was truly brought to life by the OPPO RENO product truly made to further your vision!





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