Galaxy Note 10 Teaser Video Reveals a Business Phone

Galaxy Note 10 is all ready to launch on August 7, 2019. We already know most of the detail of the device; however, a smartphone will be rolling out in a couple of weeks we are getting official invitation cards and teaser video. The Note 10 teaser video is about Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked event on August 7. The video also showcased the way Samsung upcoming device will blow people’s mind.

The overall theme of the video revolves around the “next generation” device which gives the message that instead of using multiple tech devices, one can carry on all the tasks on a single device, i.e., Note 10.

Galaxy Note 10 Teaser Video

The small clip shows a kind of workplace which gives a message that it is a business phone. Surprisingly, Samsung should also have boosted its camera and other features rather than revolving around the same theme. Maybe the company would have planned a series of videos filmed in different environments, so this is just one of them.

As far as the specifications of Note 10 are concerned, we know that the device will have a large screen. It will have two variants: 4G and 5G. The most unwanted Bixby button is finally waved goodbye whereas Qualcomm 855 processor will help the device to run faster. With 8GB Ram and 12 GB storage, the 4,5000 mAh battery will run the device for much time without charge. The device has a black stylus and 5mm headphone jack.

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