Galaxy Note 10 Video Recording Feature- Samples & Details

Samsung launched its flagship devices Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ yesterday. Both devices have a triple camera configuration. As this configuration is somewhat same as that of Galaxy S10, Samsung has added some kool video recording feature to maintain the difference between its predecessor. In order to promote the device, the company shared a sample of its Galaxy Note 10 Video Recording Feature and no doubt; it seems marvellous.

Galaxy Note 10 Video Recording Feature- Samples & Details

Among all the new camera recording features added, the most interesting one is Live focus for video. No doubt, it’s a new sensation brought in by the triple camera setup of Note 10. Previously the company has provided users with basic portrait effect, but in the new flagship lineup, the colour pitch is introduced. It allows you to focus on a subject and punch out a colour for the remaining frame.

Here are some of the sample of Galaxy Note 10 Video Recording Feature:



The HDR10+ recording mode captures high range clips in HDR10+ format. It is evident from Note10 and Note10+ camera results.



This is one of the best version of Note 10+ super steady video sample, and it clearly shows that the latest video recording feature has come up with a bang.


I would not like to write a text as the video below is enough to show the marvellous feature that Samsung has brought into the flagship device.


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