Galaxy Note 9 will not Feature In-Display Finger Print Scanner

From many years different smartphone giants are promising to feature finger print sensor under smartphone displays however no one could incorporate it. In Samsung’s family initially Galaxy S8 was rumored to include in-display sensor and then Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 and now the Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note 9 will not Feature In-Display Finger Print Scanner.

However in all the phones mentioned above, this feature was materialized laving users with a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. As expected, a report about Galaxy Note 9 reveals that Samsung will not include in-display fingerprint sensor in Note 9.

 Galaxy Note 9 will not Feature In-Display Finger Print Scanner

According to rumors, finger print sensor will be placed at the back of the device instead of on the screen. Many companies are trying to launch this feature in their devices but technical difficulties act as hurdles towards it.

The production of Note 9 will start in June. In this less time it won’t be possible for Note 9 to include in-display finger print scanner. So this is evident that in near future the only phone to include in-display fingerprint scanner will be Vivo X20 Plus UD.

Vivo X20 Plus UD uses an in-display fingerprint sensor developed by Synaptics. Vivo doesn’t have the same global distribution as Samsung and it will only be released in China yet. Other countries will be waiting for so long to get their hands on to this device.

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