Galaxy S10 Ceramic Back Along with 5G Connectivity & Six Cameras will Beat iPhone

From sometime Samsung is using glass back for all of its flagship devices. Now it seems that the Korean tech giants want to surprise its users on its 10th Anniversary. The expensive S10 with six Cameras will come with Ceramic back. However, the base Galaxy S10 will still have a glass back to go with a flat screen. Galaxy S10 Ceramic back will Improve the overall user experience.

The Galaxy S10 Models having curved 5.8” Galaxy S10 and the top 6.44” model will come with ceramic backs. These models will be available in Black and White. The most expensive  5G S10 with 6.7” display is also expected to have ceramic back.

Galaxy S10 Ceramic Back will Provide Durability to the Device

People like me would be wondering that why Samsung is incorporating Ceramic backs to its expensive devices. The answer is simple. Ceramic is a hard material which prevents scratching etc when compared to glass. Plus this material has a unique royal polish and shine.

According to rumours,  flat screen Galaxy S10 will come in Yellow and Green colour.

Galaxy S10 Ceramic Back will Prevent Scratches

Galaxy S10 model that will include 5G support and no less than six cameras – two in the front and four in the back. The device is internally known as “Beyond X”. Unlike the other three Galaxy S10 models that will feature displays that range in size from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches, this particular model is said to have an even larger 6.7-inch display. It will be the most expensive Galaxy S10 smartphone.

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