Galaxy S21 will Use Bixby Voice Recognition to Unlock the Device

Unlocking a mobile phone has become like second nature to the majority of the phone owners. With biometrics unlock, all you need to do is place your finger on a fingerprint sensor or look at your screen if it’s a face recognition lock. However, with the latest Galaxy S21, Samsung is adding another biometric option: Bixby Voice Recognition, to the list. Bixby still exists. Not just that, but it will even exist in 2021 also.

Samsung needs to extend Bixby’s reach in the Galaxy S21 lineup; Bixby Voice will be a biometric smartphone unlocking option, along with the face recognition unlock and fingerprint unlock.

Galaxy S21 will reportedly trust Bixby Voice Recognition enough to let it unlock the phone

Moreover, SamMobile also highlighted that Bixby did once offer the ability to unlock your phone with voice wake-up functionality, but those features are no longer found in Bixby. SamMobile said, “But we’re told One UI 3.1 will let you select Bixby voice to unlock from the phone’s lock screen security settings, though the exact details of how it will work are unclear at this time,”

The voice unlocks seems even less secure than finger and face unlock. Given how reliable Bixby Voice is at understanding what you require from it, we can only imagine how ‘seamless’ the procedure of unlocking your device with your voice could be.

But we are anxious to be proven wrong here, although we are also incredibly curious to know why Samsung thinks this is something people may use or need, regardless of how well it could work.

Besides this, Bixby Voice unlocking will soon be part of One UI 3.1, the version of Samsung’s skin that will make its debut on the Galaxy S21 phones. The functionality will make it to other Samsung devices as they get updated to One UI 3.1.

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