Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update Brings New Camera Features

We all know that Samsung introduced the Android 9 Beta Software for S9 and S9+ almost two weeks back. The latest update has brought some exciting features that came with the company’s latest flagship Galaxy Note 9. Some of those features are now available to all the S9 Users. Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update has brought the new camera features that include Flaw detection and Scene optimizer.

Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update Brings Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detection Debuted on Note 9

The two new camera features that are now available for S9 Users are flaw detection and scene optimizer. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Scene Optimizer

Scene Optimizer is the feature that automatically selects the suitable color and tone settings. It can select the appropriate settings for 20 different types of sceneries. However, it does not work perfectly for the Note 9. The difference in the photos taken with and without Scene Optimizer enabled is just too low. It is a separate camera mode in Android 9 Pie. So, it is up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update Brings New Camera Features

Flaw Detection

On the other hand, Flaw Detection is an amazing feature. It helps a lot in blurry situations. Moreover, it is a very handy feature. It is hidden in the camera settings. It alerts you if someone may have moved or blinked in a picture after it has been taken or if the photo came out blurry. By doing so, it suggests you take another picture to make sure you got the perfect shot. In addition to all this, this feature also detects camera smudges. It is very useful for those who are habitual of touching the camera while using. Flaw Detection works very well on the Galaxy Note 9. So, it is expected that its working will be the same on Galaxy S9 as well.

Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update Brings New Camera Features

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