Galaxy transparent smartphone patent leaked and WOW?

If you assumed the foldable phone ambitions of Samsung were quirky, after patents appeared proposing a galaxy transparent smartphone could be in the works, you may want to think again. Patents filed in January, but which only appeared in August, describe the important processes and technologies needed to create a transparent telephone.

You notice about transparent smartphones occasionally. While various smartphone manufacturers have also been designing this modern technology for years, there are still no fully transparent devices available. A tech blogger has already reported on a Sony smartphone with a transparent double-sided display in 2018. A transparent foldable phone has even been patented by the Korean counterpart of LG. Samsung also appears to be working on the development of a transparent display in the background.

Samsung Galaxy Transparent Phone - Price, Specs, Rumors - AndroidLeo

It would allow light to pass through each pixel on the display of the phone, effectively rendering the screen transparent. In the patent drawings of Samsung, that transparent screen resembles a window through which the hand of the holder can be seen. It seems only the bezels are invisible. Reportedly, an OLED panel is used as this type of display is fitted with a translucent glowing panel that allows light to shine through.

Unfortunately, further specifics are currently undisclosed about the unnamed Samsung Galaxy system. In addition, it is still unclear whether the South Korean tech giant is currently working on such a product, or merely filed a patent of galaxy transparent smartphone to cover all potential release bases for future release in the distant future, and this gives us a peek at what smartphones may look like after a few years.

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