20 Best Games like PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground)

Player Unknown’s Battleground or commonly known as PUBG is one of the most renowned game in the recent time. The game comes under the Battle Royale genre. It gained popularity in  2017 with around 5 million active players and over 25 million copies being sold around the world. The year 2018 brought a portable device version of PUBG, first launched in China. After that, it has been dominating the android and iOS gaming section. The reasons for PUBG’s success are obvious. The game has been updating itself since its inception. Like, there was a lag problem at the beginning and now its a lot better. But as we all get fed up from one thing and want new activities all the time. Similarly, people desire to play some other games like PUBG. And they frequently search for it.

Therefore, I am to quote a list of 16 best games like PUBG for android and iOS.

Top Games like PUBG That You Might Want to Play This Year

Here’s the list.

1. DayZ: Battle Royale

DayZ is that game which basically initiated the battle royale genre. DayZ mod for Arma 2 is the game which actually started the whole battle royale genre. The creators of Pub G have developed this game. When the game is launched, players will find themselves on a distant scary island filled with brain-eating zombies. The primary motive is the survival in the zombie mayhem. You have a couple of options. Either you can collaborate with your friends and kill zombies or you can play solo by killing everyone who comes in your way. When a player dies, it will revive from spawn. This game teaches a good lesson of not trusting anyone other than yourself.

DayZ is considered as one of the best game like PUBG for Android. But, this game is not free. You have to buy it from the PlayStore.

If you want to download the game, click here.

2. The Culling:

The culling

The culling is a story-based first-person shooter game that also offers the battle royale experience. The story of the game is an explanatory one. I tried to figure out why people have become bloodthirsty and killing each other in the far-flung area. Each player in the game is a contestant. The battlefield is similar to Hunger Games. The central norm of the game is ‘survival of the fittest’. The contestant earning more points wins the game. During the game, not only other humans would be trying to kill you but there will be some environmental threats as well like calamities etc. There is a wide range of gadgets and items provided in the game which you have to search. These gadgets provide you with a lot of assistance and grow your combat abilities. There is a total of 16 players with 2 players in each team. Due to which, the tenure of the game is quite short.

If you want to download the game, click here.

3. Unturned:


Unturned is regarded as one of the most popular games available on Steam. It is a free offline game almost like the top Rated “PUBG”. Unturned is a sandbox-style survival game facing zombie mayhem. The game is also rated as one of the best offline game like PUBG. But, there is an online mode as well. In the offline survival mode, players can make a team, collect resources, build items and much more. However, the Arena mode of this game makes it similar to PubG. the contestants spawn at a diverse location and fight with each other. The last one standing among them would be regarded as triumphant. Also, it is one of the games like pubg under 50 MB. The graphics used in this game are different from other survival games. Conclusively, it is a very interesting game and you must try it.

If you want to download the game, click here.

4. Rules of Survival: (Games like PUBG)

Rules of survival

Rules of survival are one of the top game in this category. In my opinion, this game exhibits many commonalities with Pub G. But it has more perks than even Pub G. Like, we can customize our characters based on your own liking. There are a maximum of 120 players with a given map. Some tutorials are also presented before initiating the game. But you can skip them as well. However, you must read the tutorial once in order to understand all the attributes of the game. The map provided in the game is a massive one. Even there are automobiles in the game which take you to distant areas. There are moto boats, bikes, trucks and other forms of vehicles. It is a very exciting game and deserves a chance.

If you want to download the game, click here.

5. Rust:


Rust is one of the most famous multiplayer survival game around the globe. The game has a lot of servers that are still using the unofficial “Battle Royale” game mode in which different pact of people fights in the last man standing match. When the game starts, you appear naked with only a rock to defend yourself. After which you search an area and grasp items for you. Like, clothing, food, weapons etc. There is an option of alliance formation as well. Contrary, as the game has only one winner so you shouldn’t trust anyone and stay vigilant as much as you can.

If you want to download the game, click here.

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6. Free Fire:

free fire

The game is a product of Garena, a gaming platform in Asia. It is published by Garena, a gaming platform giant in Asia. They have been making such games since 2009. During the game, you have to fight against 49 players in a ten-minute duration. Therefore, this game is ideal for those people who don’t like long campaigns. There are different kind of vehicles for moving across the terrain. Along with that, there is easy access to weapons. The map is humongous and a very interesting one. It is available for both Android and iOS.

If you want to download the game, click here.

7. Battle Royal Strike Survivor:

This game has so much resemblance with Pub G mobile and counter strike. Players can avail all the guns present in Counter-Strike. There are bazookas and other heavy ammunition. And it keeps on adding. The interface of the game is a simple one. When the game begins, it gives you the options to choose one team, Red or Blue. The time of the game can be set manually. But, it can’t exceed 20 minutes. Each team earns one point by killing a member of the opposition. It is an online game like under 100 MB. The game is available for android.

If you want to download the game, click here.

8. Black Survival:

black survival

The Black Survival game is the lightest game on this list in terms of size. Its an offline game like PUBG under 100 MB. The size of the game is just 53 MB. This game is not an open world. But the game has a real-time strategic role to play with a given map to reach different places on the map. The tutorial of the game is very easy to understand. There is a 20 player game which can stand up to 20 minutes on the map. Black Survival has a single-tap fight option. During the game, we have to collect different weapons and accessories to improve the probability of becoming victorious. In the game, there are over 600 weapons available. For healing purpose, you have to rely on cooking skill rather than a medical kit. Along with that, there are vehicles to easily roam across the map.

If you want to download the game, click here.

9. Pixel’s Unknown Battleground:

Pixel's unknown's battleground

Pixel’s Unknown Battleground will remind you of the famous game, Minecraft. This is the best option for people who like blocky pixels. The game has three modes. These include, single player, team mode, and a zombie mode. Its an open world game. When the game starts, you jump from a chopper in the sky. Unlike others, this game has no direction indicators  on the screen. You can roam anywhere on the map. There is a big drawback with this game as well. A video advertisement of 30 seconds appear which can’t be skipped. However, the game is less resource consuming.

If you want to download the game, click here.

10. Vast Survival:

Vast Survival

As the name suggests, this game is all about survival. There is a last man standing match. The gamer who would survive till the end would be regarded as triumphant. Its an open world game. The best thing about this game is that it gets an update frequently. Vast Survival is a cross-platform game which  means an android user can play with an iOS user. It is also one of the games like pubg under 200 mb. During the game, you have to compete with maximum 26 players in an open world comprised of beautiful sceneries. When the game is launched, a menu appears where you can set your nickname for the game. The game has next generation AAA graphics and a vast 100 km open world.

If you want to download the game, click here.

11. H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1 king of the kill

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a third-person multiplayer shooter/survival game that comes with a battle royale game mode as well. This attribute makes it similar to PUBG. The battle royal mode of this game provides the the same gameplay experience as other games of its kind. Like, there is a random spawn point on map. The game retained its crafting attribute which allows us to craft different items and commodities. Like healing and other essential tools. HIZ1 has some other exciting game modes as well.

If you want to download the game, click here.

12. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark survivor evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved began its journey as a survival game with a theme of primordial times. In the age where you must defend yourself against dinosaurs and other primordial beasts. The game holds the highest number of players. There are 72 players which compete with each other. You can fight either alone or in form of tribes. But the fun of this game is that you don’t just fight with other players rather you have to be aware of dinosaurs, wild beasts or any other calamity. And the most interesting thing in the game is that you can even tame the dinosaurs.

If you want to download the game, click here.

13. Minecraft: Hunger games

Minecraft hunger games

Minecraft is basically designed for those people who are fan of blocky graphics. It is also one of the best offline games like pubg for iPhone. This game is more about survival rather than combat. It is the most popular survival game like PUBG.  The game has a battle royal which puts you against all other competitors in a bloody ferocious war in which only one can survive till the end. When the game starts, every player is provided with a kit which is comprised of items, weapons, potions or food. Acquire new skills and upgrade your items to beat your enemies.

If you want to download the game, click here.

14. Last Man Standing:

Last man standing

As the name suggests, the ‘Last Man Standing’ match has only one winner at the end. It is one of the games like pubg under 500 MB. Be ready to search for guns, gears and ultimately glory when competing with other players in the last man survival match. This game provides a fast and bloody game play in which you must defeat all other players in a death match. There are some other interesting things in this game as well. Like, you have to loot and search for the best weapons to stay in the game. There are 100 players in total which compete against each other. You can also customize your character and kill anyone you find.

If you want to download the game, click here.

15. Fortnite:Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the best alternative to PUBG. This battle royale game has earned immense popularity since it’s inception in 2017. Just like PUBG, this game starts with 100 players. All the contestants must compete each other in order to achieve victory. But there is a slight difference as well. Unlike PUBG, this game has given a comical look to its characters, environments and weapons. There are a wide number of customization capabilities. Fortnite is available in high graphics.

If you want to download the game, click here.

16. Call of Duty Mobile:

call of duty mobile

Last but not the least, Call of Duty Mobile. This is a very popular game and most of you must have heard about it. It is a first-person shooter video game that has immense attraction for the people around the world. After a long period of wait, Call of Duty is available for android devices. This game has an exciting collection of renowned characters, new weapons, outfits and much more. There are many competitive game modes as well. So, its worth a try.

If you want to download the game, click here.

17. Civilization VI: Red Death

games like pubg offline

The games like PUBG usually enable dozens of players to fight each other on a certain map. The players generally combat for resources including weapons, health, etc., and kill each other to gain total victory. Civilization VI takes these aspects to a whole new level. During the gameplay of Civilization VI, the game involves 12 players on a map with a shrinking circle just like pubg.  So what’s the difference? You have to destroy all the other player’s units and civilians to become the civilization to be sent off into an orbiting space station.

Though you may find the game a bit slow and boring at the beginning, the map is really vast which will indulge you in the game later. It implies that you might not be seeing the other player’s units till the circle shrinks sufficiently. While playing the game, one thing you must keep in your mind is that the urgency and threat will exacerbate when you’re jammed in a tiny place with more than four opposing players remaining. It will be the time when the gunfire will scatter all over the place and nukes will be fired left, right, and center that will make the game horrific to play. Conclusively, Civilization VI: Red Death is a great way to pass the time with an impressively excellent expansion.

If you want to download the game, click here.

18. GTA Online: Motor Wars

video games like pubg

if you are fond of riding vehicles to destroy your enemies in Battle Royale games like pubg, then GTA online: motor wars is certainly the best choice for you. It’s much similar to games like PUBG we already mentioned on our list but with a few twists and turns. The most basic thing which you may already know is that you will use automobiles as a basic method to kill your competitors here. One another thing is that there are weapons installed on the top of the vehicles just similar to the death race movie if anyone of you has seen it.

Therefore, with the physics laws of the GTA, you can expect a few wild stunts to be possible while you are getting fired at or being blown to pieces. Indeed, these features on their own make this game an exciting prospect for you and your friends who wish to blow stuff to high heaven. And if you are seeking such attributes in a Battle Royale then this is probably the best game for you.  Moreover, GTA Online: Motor Wars is accessible through the online configurations within the latest GTA V on PC or console. Consequently, you will have to get the base game first to enjoy the vehicle Battle Royale craze.

If you want to download the game, click here.

19. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds:

pubg alternatives

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) is another great alternative to pubg and other battle royale games. Its a pretty entertaining game and makes your mood jolly. Contradictory to popular prejudice, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is not a copy of PUBG. In reality, the TABG was an intended sequel to that particular niche and a thriving predecessor, of a game named “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.” The primary motive of the sequel is to mock the seriousness and tension circling the Battle Royale genre.

The games like pubg featured in this list are similar in genre, game mechanics, notoriety (positive or negative) amongst gaming fans, or simply an enchanting way to pass the time. TABG falls into line in almost all of these aspects and is well supported by the devs.

So we recommend those battle royale games that have indulging and interesting story campaigns as their primary selling point, however, multiplayer games are a totally different league. A video game with a dwindling player base may grasp some attention but if it ultimately fails to work in your area, then it makes the game (regardless of being F2P) a waste of your time and money. People have such myths regarding TABS however the game doesn’t have any such glitches.

If you want to download the game, click here.

20. Apex Legends:

best games like pubg

Nowadays, Apex Legends is one of the best online games like pubg. Also, it is one of the most scintillating and skill-intensive Battle Royale games. This game like pubg has achieved another milestone by expanding its platform to more operating systems. During the gameplay, you will have to select your Legends, which include a few interesting characters which are on the paywall. Your primary mission is to combat on the battlefield in a team which if wins would be crowned as the champions.

Every legend or character encompasses a passive, active, and ultimate capability which they can utilize to change the battlefield and receive advantageous and detrimental effects. In addition to that, the legends will have to stay tactical with an intent to combat to the end. However, one thing you must remember is that any moment in the game can be your last one for a particular match. Nevertheless, nothing can stop you to get improve at Battle Royale games so you will need practice until you become the last man standing. It is a brilliant game and will always keep you indulged with its good graphics and an interesting storyline.

If you want to download the game, click here.

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The above-mentioned list contains best possibly similar games to Pub G. I have created this list based on a detailed study. My personal recommendations among the list would be DayZ and Rules of survival. You can tell your favorite pick in the comment section.

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