Gboard, an Enhanced Voice Typing Feature from Google Assistant Roll Out

Pixel phones from Google are having an “enhanced voice typing” feature, as per a report. This update by Gboard will allow users to support improved voice typing with voice commands supported by Google Assistant. In addition to improved voice typing, users can also add upgrade auto punctuations. The enhanced voice typing mechanism for pixel smartphones, including Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, recently launched, roll out in a gradual way. It doesn’t work for most users, though.

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Gboard, an Enhanced Voice Typing Feature from Google Assistant Roll Out

Some users have started to receive the enhanced voice typing feature on Gboard, as per a report from 9to5Google. There’s a new one when you open Gboard to press the microphone button! ‘Save banner time by using the Google Assistant features, which tells you should save time. Instead of using the backspace key, for example, you can say “Clear” to delete text. In addition, instead of clicking on the button, users can also say “Send” to send a message.

The functionality was reviewed by Google a few months ago and now appears to roll out with more users. This is a hands-free system to text and enters instructions, rather than just speech-to-text. A new feature called “Enhanced Voice Typing” appears under the Voice menu in the settings of Gboard and can be enabled.

The Autopunctuation function still exists, and when you have it activated, it automatically adds punctuations such as commas, question marks, and exclamation marks. Previously, users were instructed to manually apply specific punctuations to Google Assistant.

In addition to Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 users, the enhanced voice feature on Gboard with Google Assistant, though it is nevertheless not available for all eligible devices. From now on it rolls out to pixel phones with the “New Google Assistant,” which has been installed with the latest beta board (version 10.0 +).

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