Gboard For Android Got Updated With 60 New Languages

We all know that Google keeps on improving its Apps together with the introduction of new features in order to provide an improved user experience. Google’s Gboard App for Android helps us to communicate in a way that’s comfortable and natural, regardless of the language we speak. The Gboard Keyboard App was launched back in December 2016.  It recently got updated.  Gboard For Android has now brought support for 60 more languages.

Gboard For Android Update Brings Support For 60 More Languages

The latest update brings 60 new languages in the Gboard App. This new version with all its new languages is rolling out now over on the Play Store. Let’s have a look at the list of newly added languages.

Newly Added Languages List
  • Abron
  • Afar
  • Akoose
  • Avar
  • Azerbaijani (Russia)
  • Balinese, Balinese
  • Balinese, Latin
  • Banggai
  • Bangka Malay
  • Basaa
  • Batak Mandailing
  • Berom
  • Bosnian (Cyrillic)
  • Cebaara Senoufo
  • Cherokee (Dual-Case)
  • Coptic*
  • Crimean Tatar
  • Dan
  • Dangme
  • Eastern Cham (Latin)
  • Efik
  • Ewondo
  • Fon
  • Georgian, Georgian
  • Georgian, Khutsuri
  • Gilbertese
  • Hakha Chin
  • Javanese (Aksara Jawa)
  • Kalam Kohistani
  • Kok Borok (Bengali)
  • Kok Borok (Latin)
  • Komering
  • Komi-Zyrian
  • Koronadal Blaan
  • Kutai Malay
  • Laki
  • Ledo Kaili
  • Lendu
  • Livonian
  • Luba-Kasai
  • Mandar
  • Manggarai
  • Mende
  • Ngbaka Gbaya
  • Nias
  • Niuean
  • Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy
  • Northern Min
  • Northern Ndebele
  • Nupe
  • Pahari-Pothwari
  • Papuan Malay
  • Sakalava Malagasy
  • Saraiki (Urdu Arabic)
  • Sesotho (Lesotho)
  • Shina (Pakistan)
  • Swazi (South Africa)
  • Tai Dam (Latin)
  • Tati
  • Temne
  • Tokelauan
  • Youjiang Zhuang

Google is not bringing new changes to this App apart from adding support for new languages. Let’s see will it roll out some significant changes to its app in the next update or not.

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