Last Day To Get Flash For Android

Last Day To Get Flash for Android
Today is the last day to get Flash Player plugin for Android. On August 15, the player will take a bow and no longer be available for download from Google’s app store Play. users that today have a smartphone or tablet based on Android 4.0 or an older version of the operating system, and haven’t installed the application are are recommended to download it ASAP!

No new devices will be able to install flash for android from the store after that date, no matter what version of Android they are running.

Adobe’s decision to wind down Flash on Android is not shocking. The company said in November that it would switch to Adobe AIR as the cross-platform runtime environment for mobile applications. Adobe believes AIR is the better option as Web developers move to HTML5, the latest version of the markup language used for presenting content on the Web.

Adobe’s choice to stop developing a Flash Player for Android won’t lessen the security risks posed by Google’s mobile OS. This latest statement/NEWS only involves Android, because Apple doesn’t use Flash in the iPhone or iPad. In 2010, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, criticized Flash as too slow and a battery hog, arguing that HTML5 would become the better platform for showing video and other multimedia content. Adobe initially fought back, but later realized development trends for mobile apps were against Flash.

This is a good thing for the web as a whole. It will give space to HTML5 to come up and capture the market. HTML5 is in its beginning right now, it will take a while but things can only get better from here.

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