Get Old Google icons back with Google new Chrome Extension

Due to this COVID-19 Pandemic, our lives are in a continually changing mode. Having a roller coaster experience during these uncertain days, we all are going through is extremely frustrating. Get Old Google icons back with Google new Chrome Extension.

Thanking Google, feeling lucky we can still have some control over our web browser and enjoy some old memories using the old shape of icons.

As per the new Chrome Extension designer Claudio Postinghel, you can now enjoy Google’s newly designed icons. The newly launched Google Workspace has introduced a new range and set of redesigned icons of various apps. In my opinion, many people find it challenging to distinguish icons from a distance.

Get Old Google icons back with Google new Chrome Extension

These red, green, blue, and yellow colors make them appear like a specific piece, but on the other hand, if you open many tabs at a time, you can quickly lose the icons in the extensive collection of tabs. Furthermore, if you are a color blind person and you rely on old icons to specify them for your ease, then it will be much harder for you to use Google Workspace for your job.

Another issue is that this change makes it much easier to lose an essential tab on which you are working or close a tab by mistake.

So many people have downloaded and used these new icons. They are providing feedback and their suggestions on whether these new changes are working for them or not as many people are bothered by this new Google Chrome extension and happy with this solution at the same time.

They’re a way that if you don’t find yourself comfortable with the new icons, you can easily switch back to the old ones. You need to give a simple try and get your hands on, which will make a difference in your work.

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