Get QMobile at a Discounted Price this Black Friday

With highly hyped Black Friday sales everywhere nowadays, QMobile brings you the greatest deals through QMobile is a prominent market leader who always provides its customers the best of quality in the most affordable price possible. This time Black Friday brings you QMobile at a discounted price. With which consumers can take advantage of an even lower price.

Get QMobile at a Discounted Price this Black Friday

A great list of QMobiles and QTab are now available at at a discounted price. Which includes the following products.

ProductActual Price Discounted Price
Noir J5 – Gold13990 pkr/-10330 pkr/-
Noir S4 – Gold11700 pkr/-8799 pkr/-
i5.5 – Golden9500 pkr/-7160 pkr/-
Noir LT 750 White & Gold16000 pkr/-10880 pkr/-
Noir i6i- White7859 pkr/-5920 pkr/-
LT 700 PRO – Gold15500 pkr/-11192 pkr/-
Noir A6 – Gold16500 pkr/-10560 pkr/-
i6 Metal One – Grey7850 pkr/-5560 pkr/-
Noir A3 – 5” – Gold14500 pkr/-9280 pkr/-
LT 650 – Black11500 pkr/-7832 pkr/-
Noir A3 – Grey14500 pkr/-9280 pkr/-
V1 Tab – 7” – White4999 pkr/-3839 pkr/-
Noir S6s – Gold11650 pkr/-8650 pkr/-
X700 Pro – Dual Sim- Gold9400 pkr/-6872 pkr/-
Noir S6 – Gold12750 pkr/-9400 pkr/-
Noir X32 – 4” – Black5500 pkr/-4136 pkr/-
Noir Z14 – 5.5” – Gold25500 pkr/-18800 pkr/-
Noir S1 Lite – Gold8500 pkr/-6392 pkr/-
Noir S2 Pro – Gold10999 pkr/-8479 pkr/-
Noir S2 Pro- 5”- Grey10999 pkr/-8479 pkr/-
V11 Tab – 10” – Black8200 pkr/-5760 pkr/-
S6 Plus- Gold12999 pkr/-9599 pkr/-
i6 Metal One – Gold – 8GB7850 pkr/-5560 pkr/-
Noir i6i – Black7850 pkr/-5920 pkr/-
Z12 Pro – Coffee20999 pkr/-15360 pkr/-
LT 680 – Black12999 pkr/-9760 pkr/-
M350 – Gold9999 pkr/-7999 pkr/-
Noir Z10 – Black16500 pkr/-12280 pkr/-
QTab – V100 – Black9900 pkr/-8999 pkr/-
i2 – 4.5” – Black Grey6990 pkr/-6550 pkr/-
i2 – 4.5”-White Champagne6990 pkr/-6550 pkr/-

QMobile is Pakistan’s No. 1 Selling Smartphone Brand that offers its users affordability and reliability all at once. Excellent customer care with features that provide convenience to the customers, make QMobile stand at 1st position in the local mobile phone market. In short period of time, QMobile has earned excellent status in Pakistan and got the title of Pakistan’s No. 1 Selling Smartphone Brand.

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