Get Ready for a Musical Entry- Maxx Mobile Launches Music1

Get Ready for a Musical Entry– Maxx Mobile Launches Music1. This amazingly designed bar phone is a good news for those who are serious when it comes to audio. Available only at PKR, 1,550

Get Ready for a Musical Entry- Maxx Mobile Launches Music1

Maxx Music1 comes with even more powerful speakers than before. You can benefit from an ideal 2.4 inch LCD display. That too in a phone that is stuffed with an audio and video player. The screen is therefore not just a screen but a source of entertainment for you as well . Do you expect all this in a bar phone? No, right? But hang on, we have a lot more for you.

Maxx Music1 does not comes with powerful speakers, but a 1400 mAh battery as well. This gives you the chance to use your phone for as long as you want without having to worry about the battery.

Additionally, the phone also offers you a great amount of space when it comes to memory. Maxx Music1 comes with a memory that can expand up to 32 GB. Moreover, a smart camera is also there that lets you capture all your precious life moments in your phone. Amazingly, the phone is available in 3 classic colors; black, golden & blue.

Let’s have a look at the Features and Specifications of the phone precisely.

  • 4 inch LCD display
  • Smart camera
  • Audio and video player
  • Memory up to 32 GB
  • FM radio
  • 1400 mAh battery
  • Dual sim

Warranty: 1 year Digicom Warranty

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