Get Ready to Welcome a Foldable Samsung Galaxy F in 2019

CEO of Samsung’s mobile DJ Koh said last month that the foldable Samsung Galaxy F could be unveiled in November. However, according to the latest news the device is gonna appear in 2019. It seems that Samsung is not ready to unwrap the phone next month but it could be expected that might be the company is only prepared to showcase some of the device’s specs at Samsung Developer Conference on November 7th.

 Foldable Samsung Galaxy F will Appear in 2019

The latest rumours have also unveiled some of the foldable Samsung Galaxy F device’s specs. The handset will sport a 4.6-inch display when you use it as a phone and will have a 7.3-inch screen when you use it as a tablet. The phone changes to the tablet is only because of unfolding the display.
Moreover, the latest rumours suggest that displays on the Galaxy F will not be protected by Gorilla Glass. Samsung will use a transparent polyimide instead of Gorilla Glass. Transparent polyimide is produced by Sumitomo Chemical and it will be more flexible than Gorilla Glass. In the foldable device, the flexibility is important than anything.
We can expect to see the Galaxy F at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which will be in coming January.
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