Get Ready! Your Next Interviewer Could Be a Robot

It seems that soon we will hand over our all tasks to drone and robots as they are entering into every field with such a fast pace. Drones are taking our great responsibilities and getting ready to help us in those situations in which we are unable to fulfill our tasks, especially in approaching those areas in disasters which are far away from our access. Same is the case with the robots. Robots are getting ready to help us in our everyday tasks such as cleaning, organizing our rooms and even entertaining our pets. However, this is not the end of the story. Now, robots are getting more intelligent than you and soon you will see your interviewer will be a robot, not a human. So get ready for that!

Your Next Interviewer Might Be a Robot

A Swedish recruitment agency TNG has been using an artificially intelligent robot head called Tengai to conduct test interviews in place of a human recruiter since October. Now it has over the experiment with great success and the device will start conducting the interviews of candidates for actual jobs in May.

The whole process of the interview will be conducted by the robot with the goal of eliminating the biases human recruiters bring to the hiring process.

Furhat designed the robot head, named as Tengai. This will be placed on a table where it rests at about eye level with a job candidate. It will ask the different questions from the candidates with its voice and face designed to mimic human inflections and expressions. It will ask every question in the same order and the same way.

In the end, it will provide a human recruiter the candidate’s answers transcript so that they can take any a decision about whether or not to select that person for the job.

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