Get your Jazz Tax Certificate on WhatsApp- Here’s How?

Income tax return filing is a very hot topic these days. 90 percent of the people outsource tax consultancy services. So usually they are asked for the tax certificated from the telecom operator that they are using and have paid tax. The overall process is very hefty and you have to go to their franchise and need to tell your number with ID card copy to receive the tax certificate in printable form. However, getting the Jazz Tax Certificate is as easy as one can think of.

As our lives are extremely busy these days, we feel burdened to take some time out of our busy schedules and visit the nearest franchise of the telecom service provider we have opted for. Well, Jazz has made our lives easier as now we can get our Jazz tax certificate instantly, on WhatsApp.

How to Get your Jazz Tax Certificate Online?

The overall process is very easy and one needs to follow these steps:

  • WhatsApp “Hi” on 0300-3008000
  • You will receive a reply asking for the services you want to opt for
  • Select Tax Certificate which is on number 6
  • Reply “6” in the same window
  • Get your tax certificate in a few minutes

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