GFive President Tango 3 Review

GFive President Tango 3 Review

GFive mobile company has launched a smartphone in the name of GFive President Tango 3 with model number (T3100), which seems the exact copy of Oppo in shape and QMobile in software.

The overall functionality of the device is literally better but GFive mobile company may have issues with Oppo and QMobile by copying their shape and OS because of the copy right laws.

GFive President Tango 3 Review will guide you through the ups and downs for the proceeding smartphone.

Basic Info:

Operating system:

The Operating system is the latest one, that is Android 4.4.2 and being send with the latest API version 19.


The processor being used is that of Media Tech with model number MTK MT 6582 and the renderer is Mali-400 MP. Consisting of 4 cores of type 32-Bit, the processor has the power to tackle multi-tasking and multi-threading processes with efficiency moving in the frequency range of 598.0~1300.0 MHz.


GFive President Tango 3 has 1GB Ram and 8 GB Rom which can be extended with a memory stick up to 32 GB.


The screen resolution that it supports is 480 * 854 and the display screen is 5.0 inches FW VGA IPS.


GFive President Tango 3 Review as revealed shows that the chip embedded for display is that of Mali-400 MP with GPU version Open GL ES 2.0 with resolution 480 * 854.


The dimensions for GFive President Tango 3 Review are:

  • Height : 147.6 mm.
  • Width : 72.6 mm
  • Breadth : 8.85 mm


The above mentioned smartphone does have an 8 MP (13.3 MP with Antutu Bench Marking Application) Auto Focus Camera with 180 degree rotation ability and (4864*2736) resolution just as the Oppo mobiles do have.

External Images:

The look of GFive President Tango 3 is good and it is slim and sleek and has a better grip. The overall side has been strengthened by a metallic bar shaped metal that is hard enough to absorb the shake if fallen and save the device from further damage. The camera can be rotated from back to front in 180 degree angles.

Interface Experience:

The internal interface is good and attractive as do the other smartphones have. The GFive customized Android OS is used in the device. rest of the interface is the same with slight changes but when we come to the camera and text messages, it become the need of the event to be mentioned. The camera has been supported with two flash lights and the interface of the camera has been supported with a ton of beauty options and leave no need to go to a beauty parlor, all you have to do is just have your snap and open the beauty option, the software automatically detects the eyes, cheeks, lips and chin and you can change your picture the way you want.

Nearly all the smartphones have a typical keyboard with the same generic layouts, but GFive President Tango 3 takes it a different way. There are a lot of other options for the texts and the key pad has been customized in different ways. The speed of the user can be doubled or tripled if he/she gets the ideas of how to use it.


Bench Marking for GFive President Tango 3 Review:

The actual results and tendency towards a smartphone can be revealed after it is been bench marked with cool and good applications like the ones we have used for.

Antutu’s Approach for GFive President Tango 3 Review:

The results for Antutu has been shown in the snaps below and note one thing that the screen supports just two fingers and not more than that which is a drawback in certain applications where there is need for more than two fingers.

The Quad-core processor and 1 GB Ram enables the device to take better mark on the board and the 19637 points takes it to a place just below ASUS ZenFone 5.

Vellamo’s proximity for GFive President Tango 3 Review:

The results for vellamo shows that the device is much much better than the standard smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 in all operations that include single core performance, multi-core performance and Browser’s performance.

Comparing GFive President Tango 3 with Asus Nexus 7, we obtain the following results.


GFX Bench Mark for GFive President Tango 3 Review:

GFX Bench is a GPU testing application that checks for the power of Graphical Processing Unit and the number of frames that it can transmit for the smooth look over the display. Obtaining 14,833 points guarantees you that the performance of GPU is great.


Graphics for Game lovers:

After testing the device with a 3 Dimensional game like Fast Racing 3D, we can find out the approach and power of a device and the smooth performance of its VGA. The results for GFive President Tango 3 Review after been tested with the above mentioned game were good and smooth.



In the run for capturing the market, it isn’t a new thing that GFive President Tango 3 has copied Oppo and Qmobile, because big companies like iPhone and Samsung too put fingers upon each other for copying their patents and ideas.

At the end, we can say that GFive President Tango 3 is a set of choice for those who want to have a better smartphone with good specs at an affordable price.

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