Good News for Gamers: PlayStation Games will be available on Mobile Phones Soon

At the end of this year, some iconic Sony PlayStation games will be available for smartphones. The CEO Jim Ryan of Sony confirmed this by saying that mobile applications are starting to expand this year by the company.

According to some sources, Sony could take steps to get PlayStation IP to a smartphone, bringing some of the notable headlines to a broader audience, during the company’s Investor Relations Day event.

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Good News for Gamers: PlayStation Games will be available on Mobile Phones Soon

This massive expansion could change the prospect of the Sony PlayStation brand significantly since the company will have access to a large number of customers. This will also lead to increased returns from mobile applications.

In addition to Sony, other big names such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Epic Games, and Google are taking steps to join the mobile gaming platform. The possibility of getting your PlayStation games on mobile sounds quite promising. Sony expects no significant short-term returns, but that might change in the future once its mobile infrastructure establishes completely.

Sony will release a wide range of PlayStation games for mobile devices, claimed by some sources. It is expected to happen during the first year of its expansion, but Sony has not put forward a strategy for its rollout. It is not clear whether this release will come for both iOS and Android or not. In the coming months, we can expect to hear more about Sony’s next plan.

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