Google Assistant Adds 50 New Games & Activities for Kids

Google is adding over 50 new games, activities, and stories to the Google Assistant on the smartphones and its home page. In this way Google is making an effort to assist the parents in keeping their kids entertained without looking at a big screen for animated movies, other games or freeze dance.Google Assistant Adds 50 New Games & Activities for Kids.

Google Assistant Adds 50 New Games & Activities for Kids

Google is also launching voice recognition for children. According to Google, Google  Assistant has made many improvements in recognizing kids’ voices and it has now achieved the ability to distinguish between them. This will allow Assistant to customize its responses to kids, just like it does with adults.

To get the kids started with voice recognition, they would have to make a Family Link account. Family Link was rolled out earlier this year to beta testers and to the public about a month ago. It allows parents to take complete control over their children’s internet usage and permissions for the adult games if they are under the age of 13.

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While the kids will now be easily able to do things like play games, have stories read to them, and get help with their homework and they will have a lot of choices, there are some limits to what Assistant will let them do. According to Google, kids will not be allowed to do the following activities:
  1. Play YouTube videos or songs from YouTube
  2. Play songs from Google Play Music
  3. Make purchases without the permission of their parents
  4. Use non-Google apps unless they have been listed on the apps for families page assigned by Google Assistant

The mentioned new activities and games are already starting to roll out so the uers can open up Google Assistant on their smartphones or an Assistant-enabled smart speaker like Google Home or Home Mini to get started.

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