Google Adds a New Photo Editing Tool for Android Users

Google has introduced a new software along with AI features and an all-new photo editing tool that’s coming for all android users around the globe.

The latest photo editing tool entitled Portrait Light is coming soon to Google Photos that can lighten up the subject’s face in dark light with just a single touch. We can also manually select where to add the light effect into the subject and as it is a Google Photos feature, it will be launched to older Pixels and other Android phones.

Google Adds a New Photo Editing Tool for Android Users

The company vows to deliver more clearer and sharper photos with the help of a new HDR+  exposure bracketing. This feature has been available since the original Pixel therefore we can only anticipate incremental upgrades with the new Pixel 5.

In addition to that, the new Pixels will also allow you to capture portrait shots via Night Sight, which implies that the camera can make the AI background blur effect even with a confined amount of lighting

In the case of video clips, Google has introduced 3 new stabilization modes to keep your video clips steady, These modes are Locked, Active, and Cinematic Pan. Cinematic Pan, as the name suggests, has been inspired by Hollywood movie grade cinematography. The feature lets you record videos at 60FPS and slows them down 2x to form a cinematic result.

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However, the newly released Pixel 5 does not bring any significant updates to its camera hardware. Only, the 2x telephoto zoom camera from the Google Pixel 4 has been substituted with a 16MP ultrawide camera and that’s all.

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