Google agrees to pay $3.8 Million to underpaid employees

Google has decided that more than 5,500 workers and job seekers affected by suspected systemic salary and hiring discrimination would be paid $3.8 million.

The Office of Federal Contract Enforcement Agency noticed the pay and offer differences a few years ago when it carried out a regular internal audits on the company. It noticed that from 2014 and 2017, the tech giant underpaid female software engineers at its offices. The office also found that female and Asian applicants for software engineering were also affected from this discrimination.

In a statement, the organization said that, “We believe everyone must be paid on the basis of their job, not who they are, and invest properly to make our recruiting and compensation procedures fair and impartial. We are happy to have addressed this problem related to the 2014-2017 audit allegations and remain committed to diversity and inclusion and to empowering our employees in a way that enables them to do their best job.

To address this issue, Google will also set aside $1,250,000 for pay-equity changes, for a total of $3.8 million. After years of tension between Google staff and management, the news arrives. More than 20,000 workers walked out of work in 2018 to oppose the company’s treatment of claims of sexual assault. Around 230 workers and contractors formed a minority union earlier this year.

By April 16, Google is expected to send intimation to those eligible for checks and beneficiaries get a month to respond to get the money.

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Nayab Khan

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