Google and CyArk Team Up to Preserve Historical Sites in Virtual Reality

This time Google is doing something different and very special. This giant search company is going help preserve important historical places around the world. The only purpose behind this project is that future generations can also see these historical sites, if these places demolish because of any irreversible damage. In order to accomplish this new project, which is called Open Heritage Project, Google has teamed up with 3D laser scanning nonprofit CyArk to Preserve Historical Sites in Virtual Reality

Open Heritage Project will use CyArk’s laser-scanning technology to capture all the important data from historical site and to re-create it virtually. In this way it will be preserved and can be explored online via a mobile device, or while wearing a virtual reality headset.

Google and CyArk joins hands to Preserve Historical Sites in Virtual Reality

Chance Coughenour, a digital archaeologist and program manager with the Google Arts and Culture division, said in a press release:

“With modern technology, we can capture these monuments in fuller detail than ever before, including the color and texture of surfaces alongside the geometry captured by the laser scanners with millimeter precision in 3D, These detailed scans can also be used to identify areas of damage and assist restoration efforts.

Back in 2011, Google Arts & Culture, is the company’s first platform, that helps to preserve and make accessible art worldwide. It has started it work by partnering with museums to bring art works online. It has also focused on different types of art and culture,other educational tools and interactive media like VR tours.

CyArk was founded in 2003. It works as a humanitarian and cultural outlet for technology. Currently,  CyArk and Google are working together to map the Ananda Ok Kyaung temple in Bagan, Myanmar. In 2016, it suffered a devastating amount of damage.

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