Google is Adding Android App Support to all Daydream Devices

Google is trying hard to make Daydream VR more relevant and accessible. Google has just announced that it is Adding Android App Support to all Daydream Devices. The company has added the option to open any smartphone Android app on a Daydream device to use games, tools and more in VR. Moreover, All Android apps will also be able to add Daydream VR support to any existing 2D app.

Google is Adding Android App Support to all Daydream Devices including 2D Apps

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Google also announced that Lenovo’s Mirage Solo is getting support for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) controllers. Moreover, it will also have a see-through mode. Google created a pair of physical 6DoF controllers that work with the Mirage Solo. With the help of 6DoF tracking, users will move more naturally in VR, almost like in the real world.

Furthermore, the see-through mode enables users to see the real world in 3D through twin external cameras wearing a VR headset. According to Google, combining both the see-through mode and Mirage Solo’s tracking technology will enable developers to blend the digital and physical worlds in new ways by building augmented reality prototypes.

Android App support and See-through Mode are coming for all developers to try soon. Moreover, the applications are accepted for Google’s 6DoF controllers. However, there is no specific shipping date revealed yet.

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