Google Announces its Most Powerful Security Feature Yet

Google just released its most powerful security feature as it announces the new Advanced Protection Program, which aims to protect people who are at a high risk of being hacked. These people include high-profile figures like celebrities, government officials, investigative journalists, and even activists. Google Announces its Most Powerful Security Feature Yet.

Google Announces its Most Powerful Security Feature Yet

What  makes this feature different from its other products, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and the Chrome web browser, is that this feature security feature for only a selected number of users.  This feature is basically for those users whose priority is not the convenience rather it is increased e-mail protection.

This means an Advanced Protection-enabled Gmail account can only be accessed by using both a password and a physical security key, which can be a USB drive that plugs into a laptop, or wireless key enabled by your phone.

This high-level security requirement is basically designed to protect against malicious phishing attack. Even if a hacker is successful at tricking you into clicking a malicious link, the hacker still will not be able to access your Gmail account, since two factor authentication would protect your account.

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