Google & Apple will Track our Movements to Combat COVID-19

We rarely observed the partnership between Google & Apple but this time to fight and stop the spread of COVID-19, these two companies have joined hands. Both tech giants have announced a system for tracking the spread of the new coronavirus, that allows users to share data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmissions and approved apps from health organizations.

The new system is working on the series of documents and white papers which is using short-range Bluetooth communication for the establishment of a voluntary contact-tracing network, that keeps the extensive data on phones which have been in close proximity with each other.

Google & Apple will Track our Movements to Combat COVID-19


The public health authorities’ official apps will get access to this data, and users who download them can report in case they have been diagnosed with the symptoms of COVID-19. The people will also be alerted by the system, who download them, whether they were in close contact with an infected person.

Apple and Google will introduce a pair of iOS and Android APIs in mid-May and we hope that the two companies will get successful to implement the system.

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