Google acquires Wildfire to boost social media expansion

Google acquires Wildfire, Google has announced a startup with a viral marketing campaign platform and several offices stretching from Silicon Valley to Singapore. Acquiring a company that specializes in social media marketing will intensify the competition with Facebook for ad dollars and attention.

It’s an important area for Google as people spend more time on social networks such as Facebook and as advertisers follow them. Google’s social network, Google Plus, hasn’t had the traction that Facebook Inc. enjoys. Wildfire will let Google play a role whether the ad campaign is on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. Google will be using its newly acquired assets for getting a new and fresher look at social marketing, which could influence the development of everything from Google+ to the search and advertising units.

Wildfire co-founders Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard added in prepared remarks on the Wildfire blog:

“We believe that over time the combination of Wildfire and Google can lead to a better platform for managing all digital media marketing. For now, we remain focused on helping brands run and measure their social engagement and ad campaigns across the entire web and across all social services — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more — and to deliver rich and satisfying experiences for their consumers.”

Google product management director Jason Miller explained on the official Google blog that the merger of Google and Wildfire will create “new opportunities for our clients to engage with people across all social services.”

Wilfire will probably be used by Google to integrate social media better with its very successful Google AdX exchanged. Google and Wildfire did not disclose a purchase price.

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