Google Assistant Gets New Color & Design

Google Assistant is one of the greatest features of the company as it is loved and used by millions of people around the globe. The way it interacts with users, give a clear idea that the device is extra smart. So the company should keep on makeover the assistant so that its users do not get bored. And this is exactly what the company did: It has launched a new radical redesign for Google Assistant for Android devices.

Google Assistant Design is the Coolest Change Ever made to it

The new design of Google Assistant is a transparent overlay that darkens that area at the bottom of the display and puts the words “Hi, I’m listening” to show that Google Assistant is active. The bottom left side takes you back to the snapshot of your day. Whereas the bottom right option opens a keyboard for you.

Once you give a command, Assistant then pops into the current full interface. One of the coolest things is the colorful toolbar at the bottom as it looks so good to easy and adds color to the assistant. The new design of Google assistant is seen on Pixel devices, Galaxy S10 Plus and Redmi Note 4. It seems like Google has launched it for a small number of devices as a part of a testing drill. So if you have not received it yet, don’t worry: you will be getting it soon.

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Fizza Atique

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