Google Assistant Now Allows You to Book a Ride

If you got bored of asking Alexa and Siri to book a ride for you then don’t get upset. Now Google Assistant will also book a ride for you. Yes, You only have to say,  “Hey Google, book me an Uber.”

Now Google Assistant will Book a Ride

Now, you will be able to use Google Assistant to easily book ride services. By using your Android, iPhone, Google Home or any smart speaker with the Assistant, you can send a command like “Hey Google, book a ride to….” Or “Hey Google, get me a taxi to… .” You will be provided with a list of popular ride services along with estimated pricing and wait times.
Once you get the list of ride services, then you have to tap on your preferred service, or if you have the already installed the app on your phone, it will open up. The feature is also available on Google Home speakers. After asking Assistant to book you a ride, you will have to look at your phone to see prices and wait times.
Initially, the new feature will only be available in the English language in all the countries but Google says that it will expand the service to other languages in the near future.

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