Google Assistant Redesign Allows You to Control the Feature by Voice & Touch

Google Assistant is working on a new interface for Android devices. The new design will make it easier for you to control the feature by using your voice and touch. The company said that touch-interactive elements to replies within Google Assistant will make interactions better and quicker with your phone. Google Assistant redesign makes it more attractive.

Google Assistant Redesign Brings Amazing Interface

Let’s suppose if you ask Google Assistant to dim your lights, it will suggest the relevant slider and will let you adjust the dimmer on the right side of Google Assistant screen.
Moreover, if you ask the Google Assistant to show photos, it will give you links with previews. You will be able to scroll through a gallery of Photos in the new interface.

Google Assistant new Interface includes the following updates:

  • Bigger visuals that make easier to glance
  • You can manage your smart home device with new controls and sliders. You can use dials to adjust lights, or sliders to adjust the volume of home speaker.
  • You can touch to edit a voice-dictated message you are composing with Assistant in the interactive messaging interface.
  • The Android users can swipe up to see their Overview feed.
  • The interactive messaging interface will allow you to add a comma, change a letter and make other edits using a finger.
  • Companies are also taking advantage of this new interface. Starbucks has thumbnails of its menu, FitStar will help with your daily workout by repeating GIFs
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