Google Assistant Replaces Dialogue Balloon having dull text with large bolded print

Google keeps on making its platforms better and reliable for users, and this time it has done a makeover of Google Assistant that makes it look better on Android devices. Right now, whenever we ask Google for something, it shows results by giving some cards, posting web results, opens an app, and also gives text responses in a dialogue balloon. While everything will remain the same, Google is changing the dialogue balloon having small text with a large bold print so that it can be read easily by everyone.

Some of the users have reported that they have received the text responses in bold print instead of tiny text on dialogue balloons. Many people do not want to hear the assistant, so this change would be quite useful as it will show a bold response instead of the shrinky gray one shown before.

Dialogue Balloon Gets Bold & Prominent

The below picture shows the old response in a balloon with a dull writeup. Whereas the right one shows the updated look with prominent, bold, and large text.

Fizza Atique

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