Google Assistant to Tell You If Your Flight is Delayed

Google will now make your traveling easier for you. The company is planning to introduce a new feature for Google Assistant that will tell you whether your flight might be delayed. It will be no doubt an awesome feature. However, the feature of prediction is already available in Google Flights, but now you will be able to ask from your Google assistant and it will tell you the status of your flight that whether it will be delayed or not.

Google Assistant to Tell You If Your Flight is Delayed

For the prediction of flights, Google is using a  combination of machine learning and historical flight status data. If Google thinks that the accuracy of its prediction is 85% or higher, Google assistant will tell you along with the reason. Yes, it will tell you a reason for the delay, like the incoming flight being late, etc.

For your convenience, Google Assistant is making it easier for you and it will warn you on your phone if it thinks your flight might be delayed.

Google’s blog also announced one interesting thing for travelers that if they are going to a destination that is unknown to them, Google Maps will help them.  If you swipe the “Explore” tab at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see the places of your interest, like restaurants to eat at and more.


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