Google Assistant Takes Charge of ‘Voice search’ in Google app

Google Assistant really works like our assistant on phones. You can ask the Assistant to open up the desired file if your hands are not free. Taking this into consideration, Google has now decided to replace the Voice Search with the Google Assistant. Over the past several years, Google has put more focus on the Assistant making the use of the phone easier.

Google Assistant Takes Charge of ‘Voice search’ in Google app

The old “Voice search” could still be accessed through the Google app, Search bar widget, or app shortcut. The Voice search icon has now been replaced with the g-shaped Assistant icon. The new update will replace the old “Say Hey Google” prompt with the “Ask your Assistant.” The remaining functionalities are the same.

The only difference is that earlier, the voice search feature helps the user to search something on the internet by giving command orally. However now, the Google Assistant will assist you to search for anything on the internet. Although, there are some fans of the voice search because the feature is available in many languages.

The update has not rolled out globally yet. So currently, it is not available for all. It will definitely take time to reach all the users.

Onsa Mustafa

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