Google Assistant’s Read It Feature will Turn Articles to Voice

As CES is near, different tech giants are announcing devices and some features that will be unveiled at the event. Like Samsung and Huawei who are all set to launch devices at CES, Google has announced to introduce a new feature for its virtual assistant. The new feature will let the assistant read long articles for you when you ask it to do it. Named, Read It, the feature is currently in the development process.

Google Assistant’s Read It Feature will Turn Articles to Voice

In order to give voice to the text on your screen, you will have to ask Google Assistant to devour it for you. When it launches, it will be supporting 42 languages.

You will have to give the command to Google by saying  “Okay Google, read it”. When you are done with the command, the assistant will activate text-to-speech engine and will read the whole text for you.

However, there is a glitch, the article that you want Google Assistant to deliver must be opened in  Google app, Google Chrome or Google News platform. Initially, no third-party apps will be supported.

Google has not announced the timeframe in which this feature will be fully developed to be launched. However, I have a gut feeling its near!

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