Google Assistant’s Snapshot Feature Gets Birthday Reminders

Google Assistant’s Snapshot feature is adding new reminders and suggestions. Now, you will get to see the information like your daily commute time, upcoming schedule, reminders, upcoming flights, recent online orders, and stock market updates in the initial version of Snapshot. Google is also bringing additional reminders for things like upcoming birthdays or holidays to the list.

The updated Snapshot view is also expanding its recommendations where previously the app used to suggest YouTube videos or Spotify songs. Based on your existing user data, the updated version will offer new recipe ideas, podcasts, or restaurants to order from.

Google Assistant’s Snapshot Feature Gets Birthday Reminders

Easy access to Snapshot:Google is adding a new way to access screenshot to make it more useful. You only have to say, “Hey Google, show me my day,” to access your Snapshot. Initially, this feature will only be available in the English language but It will be coming to other languages in the coming months.


Google Assistant already sending notifications with essential information such as flight and event updates, upcoming bills, and due date reminders. But, now you will also receive the upcoming birthdays’ notifications.

When you tap on the birthday notification, you’ll be taken to the related Snapshot card to take action with suggestions like calling, texting or even singing a personalized birthday song.

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