Google Assistant’s Snapshot Feature Getting More Intelligent

Google Assistant, machine intelligence and virtual assistant tool, that is available on smart home devices and mobile phones recently decided to expand the Google Assistant’s “Snapshot” feature.

Google is trying to make its tool as useful as possible for its users that they cannot even think to live without it. Furthermore, this virtual assistant can perform many tasks by utilizing Google’s learning algorithms even without interacting with it every time. During these days, when everyone is busy with their jobs and households, Google finds a way to make its users stay productive.

Google Assistant’s Snapshot Feature Getting More Intelligent

Moreover, Google decided to upgrade its digital assistant tool by adding more proactive suggestions and new reminders for different activities that you want to perform in everyday life.  By upgrading this tool, Google has made its user’s lives much easier. Now everyone can do multiple tasks with only one command by using the latest Assistant features.

The latest version of Google Assistant displays all the information, such as your upcoming work or events, daily commute time, scheduled flights, stock market updates, recent online purchases, and many more. Google included many additional reminders for events like upcoming holidays and birthdays.

You can enable the “Routine” option of the Google Assistant tool from its settings on your iOS or Android phones. For those people who work from home, Google has specifically launched a workday routine for them.
This tool makes workdays stress free because a new workday routine will automatically remind you of all the tasks you need to perform during your workdays. Furthermore, whenever a new routine is added, this virtual assistant tool will daily share the time and schedule with you throughout the day.

\Moreover, the upgraded workday functionality is only available in English. However, the time and Assistant actions can be customized as per your schedule. Google is also working on its new Gentle sleep and wake feature.

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