Google Bans All Crypto Mining Extensions from Chrome Store

Many malicious coders are hiding Crypto mining codes in Chrome extensions which results to the CPU spikes even when your computer is idle. Surprisingly, hackers are using your PC as a Crypto coin miner. TO cater this, Google will block all submitted Chrome extensions that features Crypto mining code. Crypto Mining Extensions from Chrome store are harmful to users computer.

Chrome Web Store no longer allows Crypto Mining Extensions

Google revealed that 90 percent of all submitted extensions who have hidden crypto mining code violate the two main rules of Google:

  1.  The extension’s single purpose is to mine crypto, and the user is adequately notified that that’s what the extension does.
  2. That leaves only about 10% of Chrome extensions with crypto mining code actually making it to the Chrome Web Store.

Now Google will no longer accept any extension that will feature crypto mining code even the ones that follow all the regulations. However the crypto mining extensions that are already available in the Chrome web store will stay there till July. After this time, Google will remove them as well.

Everyone should be now careful and only install extensions from the Chrome Web Store to ensure your safety. It means that one should only install Android apps from the Google Play Store. Anything not coming through the official channels could potentially be dangerous.

Cryptojacking can be used for legitimate purposes, like raising revenue for a publishing platform or collecting funds for charitable causes. However, this technology has largely been implemented maliciously, or at least secretly, consuming processing resources on victim devices and potentially interfering with and damaging these targets.

Be Careful!

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