Google brings back Compass Widget to Maps users on Android

Google Maps keep on launching new features but sometimes they also discontinue those features which they think are not important or are less used by users. One of such removed features is Compass Widget, which was launched with a bang however in some time company removed it for whatever reason they had in their mind.

No doubt, the removal of the Compas widget was not good news for Maps users and they were not very happy about this calling this feature quite useful. Google Maps’ developers revealed the new features and improvements to the app last month however they left an announcement that was much awaited. The addition of the Compass widget was kept confidential in order to give surprise to users.

The Most Awaited Compass Widget is back on Google Maps

Now, Google announced that it had removed this important feature in an effort to clean up the navigation screen. However, now they have decided to bring it back due to the feedback received. The compass shows you the north direction via a red arrow which makes it easier for users to get direction information.

The comeback of the compass widget will be enjoyed by all Android users throughout the globe. In order to have this feature, a user must have the Android 10.62 or higher version installed on their devices.

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